Prodigy Kids started as an idea that fulfilled the dream that Lo had to own a business. Lo is a busy homeschool mama to three beautiful girls, as well as some chickens, dogs, and a hamster. She has been married for almost a decade to Matt, who supports all her craziest dreams.

Prodigy started as a dream and has evolved into the business that she wished that she had as a new mom years ago. She wanted something fun, educational, and affordable for families (especially those with multiples), and a way to make some mama friends!

Prodigy Kids has evolved to be just the business! The membership works for the FAMILY to get discounts around town/ on classes at Prodigy, music classes motivate kids to be brave and try new things while learning to express themselves through the arts, and its just a FUN place that no one wants to leave!

Lo spent most of her life learning music and playing music-its how she expresses herself. She has a deep love and desire to teach kids not only music/art but how to learn new things and how to be a better human being!

We haven’t had family pictures in a year…so don’t mind the old family photo!

What People Say about Prodigy Kids:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”First class we went to today with my almost 16 month old. Definitely will be back. We had an absolute blast. Love having her interact with other kiddos and everyone is so nice and welcoming there!”


“My son and I joined the Learn and Play & Music and Art classes this afternoon for our first time. So many great activities for younger kids (my son is one), especially during the winter. I love the art themes and my son loved the music. As a first time mom, it was a great way to learn how to play with my son in HIS way. We will definitely be signing up for more classes.”


“Prodigy is a fun place for grandparents take the kids! We can take a 2 yr and a 5 yr at the same class. Adults and children participate together in music and art. What a wonderful way to safely play at their level.”


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